To add a new tariff, click + New tariff at the top right of the page:

EN Tarify-novy tarif.png

Following figure defines parameters of a new tariff:

EN Tarify-statistika-definice noveho tarifu.png

Name - brand name of the type of provided Internet connection
Price - final price the customer pays
Price with VAT - defines whether the final price already includes VAT or not
VAT (%) - actual VAT in percentage
Partners - business partner and connectivity provider
Tariffs to move - list of other tariffs ready to be assigned if the customer wishes to. It is forbidden to switch between home and business tariffs.
Speed Down (kbps) - downstream data speed in kilobits per second
Speed Up (kbps) - upstream data speed in kilobits per second
Guaranteed speed Limit-at - defines minimum connection speed from/to a user in %
Agregation 1: - defines number of users sharing the same connection speed
Settings of the Burst - mechanism which temporarily allows large packet transferring (e.g. to make faster web content download). Click here to read more about the burst.
Burst Limit - maximum download/upload speed exceeding allowed in %
Burst Threshold - defines when the burst mode turns on and off
Burst Time - time duration counter of the average speed in seconds

The tariff switching is important to let the customers pick the most suitable one by themselves. This function may be allowed during the creation of a new tariff or when editing the existing one. To set the tariffs available for switching, click Tariffs to move in the edit window:

EN Tarify-novy nebo upraveny pro prechod.png

Each customer is allowed to switch between the tariffs independently while MikroBill automatically registers the change and issues new invoice which is valid since the next billing period. The connection speed is changed as same day as a customer decided.

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