To manage administrator accounts and to grant appropriate privileges to administrators, click Administration at the top of the page and select List of administrators:

EN Administrace-seznam administratoru.png

To add new admininstrator, click + New administrator at the top right of the page:

EN Administrace-novy admin.png

To edit details and/or privileges of existing administrators, click Change or Privileges at the right side on the line assigned to the relevant administrator:

EN Administrace-zmena prav.png

In the authorization settings, there are many options to set to define another administrator's permissions. In the following example there has been created an account for the accountant, which provides limited access to the system. It allows the accountant only to browse the list of customers and to see the items related to accounting, like the invoices and statistics. The accountant is not allowed to make any changes in tariff or safety settings, or to edit customer's details. Note the big button Customers YES/NO which defines whether the administrator, whose details have been edited, will be allowed to see the list of customers itself, or not.

EN Administrace-seznam-profil ucetni.png

In the end, the accountant is able to see just limited parts of the system and is allowed to make changes only to the visible parts, as seen on following figures:

EN Administrace-ucetni1.png
EN Administrace-ucetni2.png

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