To set up the agregation and bursts, open the details of an existing tariff (or set them during the creation of a new tariff). This article gives examples about the application of agregation and bursts in MikroBill:

1. Agregation setting
The agregation is always set in ratio 1:X and defines number of users sharing maximum connection speed. The agregation is applyable only together with shaping in MikroTik and the settings are being transfered to other routers over the API. It is not possible to use the agregation when setting the speed over Radius atributs rate-limit. Following figure shows the agregation setting in 1:1 ratio which means that the customer with 2 Mbps tariff plan will always use this speed only by himself:


Another figure demonstrates how to set up the shaping over Queue Tree. 3 users have been assigned to each tariff, each of them achieves max speed of 2 Mbps while maximal speed available for whole group is 3*2 = 6 Mbps (max. tariff limit)


Simple Queue with agregation is of the same case. Global speed is marked by red rectangle and users' speeds are underlined:


If the tariff agregation changes to the ratio of 1:3, the 3 users will share all the capacity of 2 Mbps line, as seen on following 2 figures (Queue tree and Simple Queue with the agregation):


2. Burst settings
The burst issue revised:
Burst Limit - maximum download/upload speed exceeding allowed in %
Burst Threshold - defines when the burst mode turns on and off
Burst Time - time duration counter of the average speed in seconds
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The goal in this example is to exceed the speed temporarily from a standard 2 Mbps tariff to 3 Mbps when a web content is being downloaded. After that the speed decreases back to its regular value. To do so, set the Burst Limit = + 50%, Burst Threshold = 70 %, and Burst Time = 30 sec. The change can be seen on the figure showing the settings within the tariff as well as on MikroTik router screenshot to where the settings were transfered:

EN Burst-1.png

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