Previous chapter was a guid about how to turn on/off the e-mail messaging in MikroBill as well as how to activate automatic and manual invoices sending. Let's check it out in detail:

Automatic send invoices

In Global settings, make sure the automatic invoicing has been enabled. See the following figure:

EN Mail.png

To set the day of sending e-mails with attached invoices, click Invoices at the top of the page and select Reminders:

EN Mail1.png

To set the template to be used for sending by MikroBill, edit the file invoice.tpl in Templates and select Email. We strongly recommend to contact the MikroBill support team to change the text in a template at . You can edit it by yourself but it is necessary to control the code validity and to check it after editing by click Check syntax:

EN Mail2.png

If you need to issue a proforma or regular invoice manually, use manual sending function in MikroBill administrator interface. After the click on Send button, the system will ask you to confirm the sending:

EN Mail3.png

To see and/or edit company data automatically written into the e-mail templates, go to Global settings, click Main at the top of the page and select E-mail, and then Values of templates

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