Every ISP may customize the interface of customer's portal by adding its logo, contact details, etc:


Each customer may customize his web portal by changing some of the details. To do so, click Settings and select:

Settings - change of the e-mail address
Change of password - changes password of the web portal. Note that this is also the password to PPP, if used
Send a request to the administrator for a tariff change - find more about this feature in the section of tariff change

To put your own logo to customer's page of mikrobill is quite easy, you have to do these steps : Upload your logo to Mikrobill with File manager in global config -

Upload logo 1.png

Copy full path of logo -

Upload logo 2.png

Open TPL template file in Templates -> Customer page

Upload logo 3.png

And simply put new link to logo instead of old one -

Upload logo 4.png

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