It is possible to change the data in customer's field. Following figure shows the table before the change has been made:

EN Zakaznici-seznam-vischni-pred zmenou sloupce.png

To manage customers' accounts, click Settings at the top of the page and select My settings:

EN Nastaveni-moje nastaveni.png

To change or to delete details in the table, click Change of fields in the table at the left top of the page:

EN Nastaveni-moje nastaveni-zmena nastaveni tabulky.png

Change a value to make a turn in the display of the table. In present example, the value Download MB / Upload MB has been changed for the price of tariff in the 3rd column:

EN Nastaveni-moje-zmena.png

To show recent made changes in the list of customers, click Refresh:

EN Zakaznici-seznam-vsichni-zmena info sloupce.png

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