The MikroBill does have powerful template tools. This is what gives the administrator great opportunity while generating customer's documents. E.g. if there is necessary to generate the contract for each new customer, hand over protocols, and some other attachements for a template, it is possible to set it up in MikroBill . To define the templates, click Settings at the top of the page and select Global setings. Then click Main at the top of the page and select Documents. Note that the use of templates has to be allowed first:

EN Zakaznici-sablona.png

Add a new template and name it Contract, write some text in it and assign two variables user.u_id and user.full_name. The MikroBill uses the Twig syntax a template system ( As seen on following figures, it is possible to enter a simple text (1), HTML (2), or to use MikroBill variables to add an information valid for a certain customer automatically (3). The tag Tag has to be entered to ensure the line wrap:

EN Zakaznici-sablona1.png

To see recently generated customer's document, click Customers at the top of the page and select Show customer:

EN Zakaznici-sablona2.png
EN Zakaznici-sablona3.png

Note that the variables must be entered within the double brackets {{ }}.

List of all MikroBill variables able to use in templates:
user.u_id => Customer's ID in the system, e.g. 9
user.login => Customer's login into the system, e.g. 0009
user.password => The password, e.g.. 12345
user.g_id => Tariff's ID, e.g. 1
user.deposit => Account balance
user.full_name => Surname and Name, e.g. Doe John => Phone number with country code, e.g. +420123456789
user.phone_mob => Mobile phone => E-mail address
user.reg_date => The date of system input (2013-02-05)
user.last_connection => The date and time of the last connection (0000-00-00 00:00:00)
user.ips => IP addresses and MAC addresses. Also a field so it is necessarty to add ips.ip after the IP address is received and ips.mac when the MAC address is received
user.category => Type of customer (natural or legal person)
user.ic => Company ID number
user.dic => Company VAT number
user.vat_id => ID number if the customer is a company
user.firm_id => VAT number if the customer is a company
user.invoice_address => The address of the invoicing is a field, it is necessary to enter invoice_address.0 to add the first item, invoice_address.1 for the second item, etc.
user.connection_address => The connection address is added as same way as the invoicing address
user.tariff => is a field containing all the information about the customer's tariff. => example Home 2 MEGA
user.tariff.price_with_vat => Price incl. VAT, e.g. 290.00
user.tariff.price => Price with no VAT included, e.g. 239.67
user.tariff.vat => VAT rate, 21 % in the Czech Republic
user.tariff.speed_in => Download speed - 2048
user.tariff.speed_out => Upload speed - 512
user.passport_id - Customer's ID number
user.birthday - Customer's date of birth - Status of the customer

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