To set up customer's IP addresses, it is necessary to input the IP ranges first to the MikroBill. The ranges has to be assigned to the routers and after that is possible to set up the IP addresses into customer's details.

Next example follows the described steps:

1. Step: to implement an IP range into the system, click Networking at the top of the page and select IP networks. Let's add the network:


2. Step: to add the network and/or the router's subnet, which is physically directed and will work as an access router for the customers. The subnet of has been assigned to the router. Note that the MikroBill indicates which subnets are available:


3. Step: the IP address of the range of (it is possible to use the help if needed). The customer can be assigned more than just one IP address as well as whole subnets. The figure shows various examples of a customer having one IP address, tvo single IP addresses, and one routed network of /29:


Click the star button to pick a network from the list, and to assign first IP address available to the customer:


After the IP address is added, it is possible to see the usage of particular IP addresses and networks as well as the router they have been routed to. To see the usage, click Networkingat the top of the page and select IP networks:


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