MikroBill saves all the e-mail communication into a log. To see the log, click Settings at the top of the page and select E-mail logs. Following figure shows a message saying that e-mail sending function is not active:

EN Email log1.png

There is no other option but to send a message from New messages to the customer's web portal:

EN Email log2.png

To activate e-mail sending in Global settings, click Main and select E-mail:

EN Email log3.png

When the e-mail sending function activated, the settings for message and newsletter sendings change too. There was a log created about the fact that several messages has been sent to the customers (who was the receiver and when were the e-mails sent):

EN Email log4.png
EN Email log5.png

To search for a particular log, enter customer's ID and confirm it:

EN Email log6.png

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