First, it is necessary to enable the Fair User Policy (FUP) rules in global settings:

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To set the FUP rules, click Tariffs at the top of the page and select FUP at the right side on the line assigned to relevant tariff. It is possible to edit Download, Upload, or both. The value which has to be counted is entered in system configuration:

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It is possible to apply the FUP rules by several manners:

1. First possibility is speed reducing after a certain quantity of data is downloaded. It is possible to reduce the speed by steps. In this example, the tariff Home 2 MEGA has usually speed of 2 Mbps both for download and upload. If the download limit of 100 GB is exceeded, the speed reduces to 1 Mbps only. After another 200 GB donwload limit is exceeded, the connection speed is reduced to 256 Kbps only. See the following figure:

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2. Second possibility is to charge customers for transferred data. In this example, the fee of CZK 10 per every additional transferred 1 GB is charged when the 100 GB speed limit is exceeded. The connection speed is not reduced, however it can be if the ISP decide to do so. There is a special data counter implemented to customer's system in the beginning of a new billing period, which remains effective the whole month. After that the customer is charged for transferred data. See the following figure:

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