To issue an invoice manually (e.g. for purchased hardware or another one-time operation), click Customers at the top of the page and select Show customer:

EN 1Zakaznici-zobrazit-faktury.png

After clicking Add invoice, enter the name of the item the customer is charged for into the Show customer field:

EN Zakaznici-zobrazit-faktury-manualne pridat fakturu.png

The item will appear on the invoice:

EN Zakaznici-zobrazit-faktury-manualni faktura vystavena.png

Each invoice can be edited before it's paid. To do so, click the third icon under the column Operation:

EN Zakaznici-zobrazit-faktury-upravit fakturu.png

To delete the invoice, click the icon - under the column Operation:

EN Zakaznici-zobrazit-faktury-smazat.png

To send the invoice to the customer as an e-mail attachment, click the icon at the far right of the page under the column Operation:

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