To manage the list of business partners, click Settings at the top of the page and select My settings. Then click Global settings which will open in a new window:

EN Nastaveni-globalni nastaveni.png

After the new window is opened, the main settings window appears. To open the list of business partners, click Partners at the left bottom of the page:

EN Nastaveni-globalni nastaveni-hlavni-partneri.png

To edit details, click Edit at the right side on the line assigned to the relevant business partner. Now it is possible to set on the billing from different partners and to define the VAT rate which will be added to the final price automatically:

EN Nastaveni-globalni nastaveni-hlavni-partneri-upravit.png

It is possible to filter the invoices using the business partner as a criterium:

EN Fakturace-faktury-partneri.png

Final price showed on the invoice depends on VAT rate. In this case it is 21%:

EN Faktura-partnerDPH21.png

It is possible to issue the invoice with no VAT, what is useful especially for business clients:

EN Faktura-partnerDPH0.png

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