The Radius server is being installed together with MikroBill on the same server. MikroBill cooperates with the FreeRadius server -

Enter the ps aux command into Debian Linux command-line interface to make sure the FreeRadius works:


Now is the time to add routers, or rather the Network Access Servers (NAS) to be connected with the Radius server. To do so, click Networking at the top of the page and select Routers, then click Edit at the right side on the line assigned to the relevant router. Choose Radius DHCP or Radius PPP as the username and select a password which will authorize the router to the Radius server:


It is necessary to set up password and Radius server in router settings:


Click Radius at the top of the page in Global configuration and select Config to set up the Radius and NAS settings:


If using the Radius server, it is possible to use the OSFP and PPP to carry out dynamic routing in the network. That means all the customers will be given an IP address from the pool, each customer will be assigned the /32 mask and will be routed in all the ISP's network. First the OSPF support has to be turned on:


Second, dynamically routed IP networks have to be defined. To do so, click Networking at the top of the page and select IP networks. Then click + Add IP network at the right top of the page and assign a dynamic router to the customer:


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