There are several options how to pay for purchased services, e.g. bank transfer, cash, credit card, or in another way. Each customer is assigned certain method of payment of which the system assesses an invoice. After an invoice is issued it appears as not payed:

EN Zakaznici-zobrazit-faktury-manualni faktura zobrazeni.png

To change the status of invoice and to issue the receipt, click Status at the right side of the page:

EN Zakaznici-zobrazit-faktury-uhradit manualni fakturu.png

The receipt is automatically issued by the program after the invoice is paid. It is possible to generate a PDF file of the same document. To do so, click left second icon at the right side of the page under the column Operation:

EN Fakturace-faktury-prijmove doklady.png

Each bill is also a receipt and may be used as a taxation document:

EN Fakturace-faktury-prijmovy doklad.png

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