The QoS and Firewall can be centrally managed in MikroBill. QoS
To turn the QoS on, click API in router settings and set the value QoS = YES. When done, additional QoS columns appear with Web service and other services preset. The Web (HTTP) service has high priority among the others:


To add another services, enter the name and type of a protocol, and set its priority. See the example of DNS service settings with high priority ans services for the online game Warcraft also with high priority:


The packets will reach the Queue and split, depending on the type of service. The speeds will be divided regarding assigned priority. Note that the QoS will only work when the maximum limit for whole router is reached. That means the QuS is applied only when the uplink is fully occupied. This is the function/limitation of MikroTik router QoS.


It is possible to use MikroBill to manage the rules of filtering on MikroTik routers. First define rules for filter list which will transfer into the API automatically. The play/pause button enables/disables particular rules as well as group of rules for the router. It is possible to drag'n'drop the rules.
Warning! All the previous IP Firewall rules will be deleted. This is the only place where MikroBill deletes previous congfiguration when working with the API. Other actions do not affect the old configurations.


The rules imported into the router:


One of the most advantageous functions of Firewall and QoS management over MikroBill is the export/import and easy to copy from one router to another. See the next example:

1st step: New, unused router with no Firewall or QoS configuration:


2nd step: Select the function Load configuration from the old router and review it has been uploaded:


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