During static routing, various IP ranges are being routed on different routers. As explained in previous chapters, it is necessary to determine how big are the ranges used in related ISP networks. To do so, click Networking at the top of the page and select IP networks.

Let's define one public IP network of /21 size together with particular subnets, which will be assigned to a tested router:

Krok první je zadání IP rozsahu do Mikrobillu -

EN Sit 1.png

As the second step we will assign 2 IP ranges to the router - and
We also assign an IP address to the network interface, which will appear in the list of IP addresses after the confirmation. The address is marked red until it's passed to the interface over the API (marked black when proceeds). It is not mandatory to set up the API, furthermore if this IP address has already been set up manually, the API will report duplicity error.

EN Sit 2.png
Sit 3.png

MikroBill keeps all the used and unused subnets so when assigning smaller /26 network, the system will not offer the range of and which has been already in use:

EN Sit 4.png

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