The function of sectors is to reduce speed on whole router, its physical interfaces or logical sectors. 1st example: Let's reduce speed on whole router at 10 Mbps.
It may be helpful when there is a Wi-Fi connection with the Uplink and the transfer rate of all users is higher then maximum wireless speed.
There is a high risk of failure so there must be a maximum allowed limit set in router's Queue to prevent such a situation.
Let's set 10 Mbps limit on the main sector in MikroBill which is immediately transferred to router over the API. It sets the 10 Mbps limit both for download and upload:


2nd example: There are 5 customers connected to one antenna and a network card (SSID 1), and 4 other customers to a second antenna and a network card (SSID 2). SSID 1 has a limit set on 7 Mbps and SSID on 4 Mbps.
It is necessary to define limitation for sectors in MikroBill and then to transfer particular customers from the router to particular sectors (see the first and second figure):


See the final figure with the outcome:


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