The first and essential step to put the e-mail sending over MikroBill into operation is the SMTP configuration. To set it up, click Settings at the top of the page and select Global settings. Then click Main and select E-mail.

These are the parameters needed to be set:

SMTP host - SMTP server address
SMTP username - client's name
SMTP password - client's password


Enter sender's name and e-mail.
MikroBill allows to set up a parameter for testing purposes, which will send all the messages to one single e-mail address.
Admin's e-mail address is being used to receive system messages from MikroBill, e.g. messages being sent automatically when a user changes the tariff plan for another or when an internal device error occurs.

Open the SMTP server settings to set what is to be send over the e-mail:
Enable e-mails - set yes to turn on. Otherwise, no e-mail will be sent at all
Auto sending of invoices - send automatic invoices to the customers
Manual sending of invoices - send manual invoices to the customers
Tickets to admin - send tickets and responses to admin's e-mail
Tickets to customers - send tickets to customers' e-mail
Send messages - allow collective e-mails sending from MikroBill to the customers
Сhange of status - send message to a customer if his status changes
Invoice (from proforma) - send invoice to a customer (after it's been created from a proforma invoice)
Documents sending - enables sending documents to the users

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